4 definitions by Sam5232

After ejaculating upon a girls face, you douse her in gasoline and proceed to light her on fire.
Jimmy got twenty to life after he gave his girlfriend the buddhist monk.
by Sam5232 December 01, 2007
A snizzle demon indigenous to the region between a woman's hair crown and her fun spot; potentially dangerous and known cause of jimmy malfunctions.
Aw, man, my jimmy split last night when I was banging that ho, and I covered her baby tubes with an avalanche of sticky snow. I'm pretty sure there was a snatch goblin in there.
by Sam5232 December 01, 2007
The rapid vaginal intake, and expulsion of gas. The pussy sneeze. Similar to queef.
Cover your twat when you sneef, ho!
by Sam5232 December 01, 2007
An expulsion of gas through the penis. The male version of a queef. Usually very high pitched; at least a G#.
The doctor told Jacob that it was only a meef, that it was nothing to be concerned about.
by Sam5232 December 01, 2007

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