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A fat, hairy man who obsesses over cars, middle school girls, and memorizes the Extends commercials.
Dale: Wow did you see that Levi across the street?
Chip: Yeah he's such a chimo!
by Sam and Marcy September 01, 2008
A slutty girl, who usually look about the age of 7. and an over compulsive boyfriend stealer and a manipulative bitch.
Tiffany: So why did you break up with him?
Kayla: Because of that Ashleigh.
by Sam and Marcy September 01, 2008
1.A person who has little respect for others, loves sex, and will use their friends to get access to drugs or alcohol or penis and on occasion vagina.

2. A code word for "future alcoholic", most commonly used by adolescent teens.

3. Usually a blond female bimbo.
1. OMG Jessica, that girl is such a Brianna!

2. Stephanie: did you see that chick chug that beer!
Kayla: yeah! shes a Brianna alright.

3. Levi: Dood! my girlfriend is such a Brianna. All she wants is sex!
Robert: And the problem is...??
by Sam and Marcy September 01, 2008
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