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yeah it's a vag.

i distinctly remember hearing it called so on a Vh1 interview with Boy George... so that's prolly one of the main contributers to it's popularity.
Um, I stuck her in the bearded clam. And it felt good.
by sam November 03, 2004
depression is when you become interested in nothing and the only thing that doesn't hurt is when you are hurting
the knife is painless but life hurts like a bitch
by sam February 18, 2005
a sexy guy with a tan that he gets from working out on the beach and serving the tourists daquiris and rum and cokes.
visit an island...fall in love with a cabana boy.
by Sam July 03, 2004

Its basicly a shorter word for semen, god knows why people dont just call it cum.
"I just put my hand in your jiz didnt i."

"Yes you did al"
by Sam November 17, 2003
a term used to characterize a guy who is well dressed and smells nice
Alex is really roshan today.
by sam March 11, 2005
Possibly originating in the song Raspberry Swirl by Tori Amos, a raspberry swirl is an orgasm. A heart pounding, bass blasting orgasm in which heavy breathing and the words 'Let's go' are used.
I am not your senorita
I am not from your tribe
If you want inside her, well,
Boy you better make her raspberry swirl
by Sam January 03, 2005
The Grafenburg Spot, aka the Good Spot/Sweet Spot. A particularly sensitive area of the vagina. Located in the anterior of the vagina, about an inch and a half in from the labia. This illusive spot produces wonderful sexual senasations for women. Often though, it plays second fiddle to the clitoris.
Oh my God-! That's it! You've hit the g-spot...! (moans with ecstacy)
by Sam January 23, 2005
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