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3 definitions by Salty Samurai

T he greatest living person on the planet, often regarded as God
Till Lindemann is God
by Salty Samurai September 10, 2004
Its a good idea, but possibly not, and i'm not being indecisive.
Yo, Nes, Pherhaps, SPLONGE!!!!
by Salty Samurai February 07, 2004
What you says when saysing about a past experiance, saysing something to Maybell. After you says something to Maybell, you need to go to someone else and says them that you says something to Maybell.
So i says to Maybell i says... if i have to send one more fax, then you can just call me "Mr. Fax Sender"
by Salty Samurai September 11, 2005