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A foreigner of undistinguishable ethnicity. Usually, with a seemingly generic foreign accent and tan coloered skin. Based on the character from That 70's Show with a changed spelling acronym for foreign exchange student.
Habib-Fang is such a Fez! I have no idea where the hell he's from!
by Salmon November 19, 2003
The best beer ever, no doubt about it. Anyone who ever goes to Germany without trying Bitburger is a complete idiot.
Bitte ein Bit
by Salmon October 01, 2003
to leave the room, masturbate onto your hand, and then return, giving someone a high-five or shaking their hand.
Eww he totally just milked the goat on me.
by salmon April 19, 2004
Norwegian beer, from the Østfold-area. Surprisingly tasty, compared to the other rather boring Norwegian beers.
Let's drink a Borg!
by Salmon October 22, 2003

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