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Also known as Garage-Poon. To score some poon in the garage. It sounds crazy, I know, but now that it's in your head you HAVE to try it.
"Got me some wicked rajpoon last night."

"Bro, you NEVER had rajpoon?"

"Damn, I got busted for rajpoon. Cindy's tits left marks on the hood of my parents' Camero."
by saku February 12, 2012
Adj.-A word used by older brazilian fathers when they are extremely disgruntled. Adj. A word to the effect of bumees, but more exsentuated.
Kid:"Dad, I just found out that my best friend is boning mom." Dad:...."Bumees"...., Kid:"And I join in sometimes", Dad:"Enestatanez bumees!"
by Saku August 31, 2003
Adj.- Term used by older brazilian fathers when they are either excited, or disgruntled.
Kid:"Dad, I found out my best friends boning mom", Father:...."Bumees"....
by Saku August 31, 2003

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