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That orgasmic feeling you get when you eat something very delicious.
Example 1: I had an orgasnom when I ate that triple steak stack.

Example 2: That birthday cake was so orgasnomic.
by SaiyanRocker December 15, 2011
When your Cam4 show is posted on 4chan for all the world to see, thus leading to embarassing conversations and awkward moments. The same goes for any other sites where one is willing to be nude on a live webcam feed.
Guy: So, you like to get naked on camera for strangers, huh?

Girl: Oh no, I've been 4cammed! This is so embarassing!

See 4chan.
by SaiyanRocker July 08, 2009

Just like asl, but adding your name to it. May be confusing because it looks close to "nasal".
Person A: Hey, nasl?

Person B: Jill/18/f/NY, you?

Person A: Oh cool, Bobby/18/m/MN
by SaiyanRocker May 27, 2010
Derived from "Back to the Future", the term means to be raped by the school bully, or any all-around asshole.
Damn, that girl just got biffed!

I was biffed by my boss last night.
by SaiyanRocker August 31, 2008

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