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The act of two males exchanging oral sex. The act can be done simultaneously or one at a time.
My bro and I went for brozilians and that led to a couple of awesome brojobs.
by Sailsquirrel February 15, 2009
A spatula used to scrape dried cum off of a wall. This is usually required in the bedroom of teenage boys.
Son, your mom is tired of using the splatula in your room. Please masterbate in the bathroom.
by Sailsquirrel February 15, 2009
A squirrel that is flattened by being run over by many cars. You can scrape them off the road and fling them like a Frisbee.
I hit your momma upside the head with a sail squirrel.
by Sailsquirrel February 15, 2009
A female with an especially ample ass that loves to eat fast food. McDonald's is the favorite restaurant of these females.
Dude, look at the pounder ordering two double quarter pounders.
by Sailsquirrel February 15, 2009
The hyper-horny boys that knock on the door asking for your teenage daughter.
I'll kick the ass of the next specimen that rings the doorbell durning my afternoon nap.
by Sailsquirrel February 15, 2009

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