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An epic dump (shit).
"Where's Bob?"

"He had too much of the Mexican food last night so he's releasing the Kraken in the bathroom."
by SafeHouse March 31, 2010
When you do something that violates the Man Code.
John: How come Phil is not coming to the bachelor party?

Roger: Sarah wanted him to stay in and watch Sex and the City 2.

John: Yeah, that's a definite man foul.
by SafeHouse July 04, 2010
A penis.
There was an article in the New York Post that claimed Fidel Castro gave the ol' flesh cigar to 35 000 women.
by SafeHouse October 09, 2010
Internet speak for a homosexual male.
Chris: Wait a minute, is that "straight" guy looking to hook up with another guy?

Charles: What a Syn!
by SafeHouse July 17, 2010

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