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Well as far as i read, all the definition of "emo kid" were by...you guessed it, emo kids. I personally don't care that you are "in touch with your emotions" and are "loving towards one another". I'm going to hate you because I'm a close-minded, sadistic mother fucker and I hate emos. I really hope you die.
Oh, and for those of you that put that difference between "cool" emos and "gay" emos, then preach about how you shouldn't label people, congradulations, your a hypocrite...pussies.
"Woot im an emo kid, I say Im sad and post blogs on forums telling people im sad. I have no problems in my upper-middleclass suburban life but i make shit up anyway. I love attention, and mascara. I love a good mascara."
by Sadisticity May 30, 2006

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