4 definitions by Sacul Ekaj

A pod for eyes
-Mr. Francesco why do you have an eyepod on your desk?
-Go sit in the corner!
by Sacul Ekaj March 20, 2008
Gas that is better than regular, but not quite supreme. Most often offered by Mexican gas establishments.
"Hokay mang, joo want plaus?"
by Sacul Ekaj August 15, 2008
A method of smoking a blunt designed to hide the fact that you are smoking a blunt.

Named after With Jawetz, a master of the technique.

-Oh shit theres a mang over there! Jawetz mode!
by Sacul Ekaj March 24, 2008
marijuana rolled in a cigar - a derivative of the word "plaus" and "blunt"
used as a noun: "dost thou have a blaunt?"
verb: "I oughta blaunt yo ass!"
adverb: "let me put it blauntly for you..."
by Sacul Ekaj August 15, 2008

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