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A pod for eyes
-Mr. Francesco why do you have an eyepod on your desk?
-Go sit in the corner!
by Sacul Ekaj March 20, 2008
a contact lens inserter that makes wearing contacts easier
the EyePOD keeps you from getting your finger in your eye
by bwahahahahaha December 14, 2009
Eyeball, specifically used in Sean Kingston songs.
"... like my eyepods stuck on replay."
by Pardner January 22, 2010
Eyepod is that gunk you wipe out of your eye in the morning.
Customer: I'd like to purchase an iPod, please.
Fundo: Sure. Here's a freebie. *Rubs finger in eye and flicks eyepod at customer*
by authOOr November 18, 2006

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