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Something that is completely obscure and awesome, known to a select few. A word only used by people who are also Quail.
Have you seen that guy? He's totally Quail.
by SabbathJustSabbath December 22, 2010
The act of spending time with your close friends, be it swimming, driving or just sitting on your asses. Derived from an incorrect spelling of Hanging out. Usually accompanied by a claw-like gesture to indicate that you do, in fact, mean hagging out.
Hey man, wanna hag out tonight?

We're totally Hagging out! You should join!

I'm so tired of hagging out with him! It's so boring!
by SabbathJustSabbath December 22, 2010
A person who is easy, a slut, a whore.
That girl I was with last night was a total fuckpants.

You fuckpants!

He's such a fuckpants.
by SabbathJustSabbath December 24, 2010
Like bitchin' but more awesome.
We were totally skankin' at the beach the other day!

Did you see that girl? She was totally skankin'.

Damn, I feel skankin'.
by SabbathJustSabbath December 24, 2010
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