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4 definitions by S_R

Synonymous with the word magical, but involves a vagina.
Tom and Susy enjoyed an exciting date and ended their date with a very vagical moment.
by S_R January 19, 2008
52 5
A woman who entices an unsuspecting male to squirt inside her in order to trap him into a relationship and possibly extort money from him later.
"It's OK to squirt in me, I'm on birth control" said the squirtburglar to her unsuspecting date.
by S_R January 15, 2008
48 7
A cell phone company much like other cell phone companies; who's goal is to screw the customer out of money every month by providing a 'service' which seems reasonable when you sign the contract, but when the bill actually comes in it is much more than you were 'promised' by the sales weasel and you can't cancel your service thus incarcerating you into debt for the next two years until your contract expires.
Bob: "What cellular service do you have?"
Jane: "I have screwular."
by S_R January 19, 2008
29 4
1. A fag's dick.
2. A term that is often used similar to the term asshole or jagoff when describing a person who seems to be perpetually loud, obnoxious and rude.
He is a pain in the ass, he's such a buttwiener!!!
by S_R January 19, 2008
30 9