2 definitions by SY93

A defense mechanism usually used by women, to create a illusion that she is a prude. Often used when with a large group of people, but once her friends leaves the shield is down and becomes a slut
Guy 1: Dude she is such a prude, she won't even kiss me

Guy 2: Man, you have to seperate her from her friends, its the prude shield man
by SY93 July 07, 2011
Typically a Korean Girl who has the name Yoonah and likes to pussy out on her friends. Combine with the word punani, the ultimate nickname.
Friend: Yo, lets go out tonight
Yoonah: Nah i don't think so....I want to go home and eat
Friend: Yoonah....don't be such a Yoonani
by SY93 February 02, 2013

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