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Drug loving, illiterate trashers who listen and are devoted to a lame ass wannabe rap group known as Insane Clown Posse (ICP for short), these people are extremely annoying at concerts and are usually to inept to even know whats going on in the world around them.
Signs that you're around a Juggalo:
1: the air stinks like a wet dog
2: smoke is usually rising from an unknown location
3: annoying wiggerness can be detected
4: stupid wannabe inner city language is usually used (dat, yo, homies, etc.)
5: Usually wearing worn down ICP clothing, with pants down to their knees.
Man 1: whats that awful smell?

Man 2: I think it's one of those annoying juggalos

Juggalo: yo why you gotta be hatin on my homies lyke dat? (drunken slurred pronunciation used here)

by SXEinSLC August 11, 2008

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