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The process where you try to call someone and only get their answering machine. They in turn get the message and call you only to get your voice mail. Repeat until one of you give up.
by SWZ September 30, 2003
State your car will be in if you have added the gold trim package, curb feelers, continential kit, white wall tires, rims that are off set and stick out at least 4" from the side of the car body, lowered 4", TV boomerange antenna, blackout tited windows, crushed velour seats, custom chain steering wheel, neon liscense plate surround, huge naked woman hood ornament, sound system that has no treble, custom metalic purple paint job, and fuzzy dice.
by SWZ September 25, 2003
KKK member's worst nightmare
by SWZ September 25, 2003
A new cinematic style of movie making.
Girls gone wild - Doggy Style
by SWZ September 25, 2003
Abbreviation for 'blind carbon copy'. Typically used in email to get someone in trouble
That guy pissed me off so I bcc'd his boss.
by SWZ September 25, 2003
One who studies and classifies mullets in the wild.
I grew up in the 80's so I am a mulletologist.
by SWZ September 25, 2003
1. Anus
2. Exit point for fecal material
My roids are bothering me. I need to rub some Preparation H on my pooper chute.
by SWZ September 25, 2003

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