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It's waaaaay worse than a weem. It's like..really bad. But it's not that bad..like it's not as bad as saying F*ck or anything. (Yeah..I'm a weem for saying "F*ck".) But..you use it daily..SPREAD IT!

Note: The shorter version is Spaf.
yeah..James is a weem for not bringing money to the mall, but Jimmy is a Spafin for not going.
#owen #weem #retard #eftard #screwup #r-tard #stupidass #you know..
by STEALTH PANDA December 22, 2008
its worse than a noob, but better than a spafin
Gosh, Sarah can't go to the movies today. What a weem.
#noob #spafin #lameo #retard #owen
by STEALTH PANDA December 22, 2008
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