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Someone who is incrediably hyperactive. Normally used to describe the state of a person who has consumed large amounts of restricted substances. This is because occasianally the aforementioned wears a look somewhat similar to someone who is being electrocuted.
<person in corner looking dazed>

"Man. He is fucking wired."
by SQED February 14, 2005
Something of only the finest quality. Used by skateboarders in S/E UK to desvribe a trick of epic proportions.
<After witnessing something amazing>

by SQED February 14, 2005
Please see Square Edge
"Just because I'm straight edge doesn't mean I don't have fun"
by SQED February 14, 2005
Someone who, within the depths of thier soul, possesses the Inner Fire of 4 Straight Edgers. No. This does not mean they are boring!
Person 1)"What do you mean they don't drink? Never?"

Person 2) "Nope. Never."

Person 1) "Why?"

Person 2) "Because they are Square Edge!!"
by SQED February 14, 2005
Something so good that no other word will suffice to describe it.
1) "Was the party good last night then?"

2) "Yeah dude. Fucking Skins."
by SQED February 14, 2005
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