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a person with the highest rank in Call of Duty 4.
"Look at these noobs"
"Shut the fuck up you golden cross, no life bitch"
"Dude, this game's been out for like 8 months"
"And you spent 2 of those months playing this game"
by SPxCA May 20, 2008
where people who play Xbox LIVE, get drunk or high, and play online together, instead of having a real party
"Whatd you do this weekend"
"Me and Vinny got faded and played Call of Duty 4 till like 3a.m."
"Wow... how fun... an Xbox party..."
by SPxCA May 20, 2008
a name you call somebody with freckles that you assume they also have on the tip of their penis
shaun:your a fag
me: shut the fuck up freckle tip
by SPxCA May 24, 2008
a t-shirt that looks like it belongs on someone a lot thinner and/ or younger
"did you see manny?"
"yeah he's wearing that small ass, tight ass, short sleeve, young tee again"
by SPxCA May 20, 2008
a group of fair to good looking women who give oral sex more than the average woman
"Damn, look at those girls"
"They look like domers to me!"
by SPxCA May 20, 2008

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