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When a person has no idea what's going on, you tell them to go back to sleep.
Mr. N: What would the dimensions be on this gear?
Student: Uhhhh.......78?
Mr. N: Go back to sleep. Don't try to wake up.
by SPlDERMAN August 19, 2006
1. I see how it is.
2. I understand.
1. AJ: You playing Halo tonight?
Spider-Man: Nah.
AJ: o ok

2. Spider-Man: The Red Hot Chili Peppers kick ass!
AJ: I don't like peppers, they're too spicy.
Spider-Man: No, RHCP is a band.
AJ: o ok
by SPlDERMAN August 19, 2006
Go to bed early bitch.
Spider-Man: Wanna play some Halo?
Gtbeb: Nah, I got work at 8.
Spider-Man: You gtbeb.
by SPlDERMAN August 16, 2006
You always have the option, no matter what.
Student 1: 10 page report! WTF!
Student 2: Don't do it. I'm not going to.
Student 1: You need to! It's required to pass the class
Student 2: No, you have the option not to.
Student 2: I know, but you don't have to do the report if you don't want to. You have the option to fail if you want.
by SPlDERMAN August 19, 2006
Phil would always hook a brother up with his work in Drafting and Design.
Command-K allows you to send files to other students on Apple computers.
Bitch Ass: Phil, you finish designing that gear yet?
Phil: Yea, don't you know who I am? I'm the CAD Machine, bitch!
Bitch Ass: Command-K that shit!
by SPlDERMAN August 19, 2006

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