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The best show to ever exist. Two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester go around the country hunting the supernatural.

Reasons to watch Supernatural: It has a great story-line, the acting is great, it can be funny, scary, sad and more, all in one episode. Sam and Dean AKA Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are just about the most gorgeous men to walk the Earth and there are a million more that would take me ages to list.

Currently in it's 6th season and it's better than ever. Shows on the CW every Friday at 9pm. WATCH IT.
Supernatural is the best show to ever exist.

Girl: Omg! Have you watched the latest episode of Supernatural?
Friend: Hell yeah. It was amazing and Sam and Dean were as awesome as ever.
by SPNRocksMyWorld October 28, 2010

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