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4 definitions by SPF

a term derived from skateboarding culture. usually used to describe someone unkempt and sometimes dirty in appearance. will have facial hair more times than not along with tighter jeans.
"Holy shit! Did you see that dude's beard? That is one heshy mother fucker!"

"That dude has never washed his clothes and has maybe showered once or twice in his entire life. He is hesh as a bitch."
by SPF March 09, 2006
285 200
The kit bought from Halfords or similar motorist's chain store designed to make a modern car look stupid. Preferred modification of choice by Burberry capped townies. Usually involves body coloured 'skirts', and a large and pointless spoiler. Most commonly found on Citroen Saxos, Vauxhall Corsas and Ford Kas.
"Look at the cunt kit on that car."
by SPF December 12, 2003
45 10
Term referring to a 'townie', commonly found wearing a Burberry cap, sovereign ring and driving a Saxo, Ka, Corsa, etc with cunt kit. 'Mush' is the noise made by the bass through the super-woofers in their car as it passes. See also chief.

Also a term used to salute a male stranger.
"Alright mush?"
"Fuck off mush, who do you think you are?"

"mush mush mush mush mush" from speakers of passing car.

'Oi mush - fuck off!" - amusing song based on a 'mush' from a West Wales town.
by SPF December 12, 2003
21 24
Word commonly to address a male stranger. Also can refer to 'townies' driving round in their souped-up Saxos, etc with added cunt kit, as the noise of the bass of their music through their super-woofers sounds much like a repetition of 'chief'.

See also mush.
"Busy tonight chief?" (to taxi driver).

"chief chief chief chief chief" repetitive bass sound from passing cunt-kitted car.
by SPF December 12, 2003
2 15