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1. choreographer

2. Assistant Professor at the CFA, Ballet/Modern/Comp
3. Israel native
4. Always on the phone
5. Punctual
6. Beloved Professor
"Hi.... Hello.... I'm Neta Pulvermacher; choreographer."
by SOTDgator2014 November 06, 2011
PRAIME is a slang word for the correct version of 'prime'. When something is or sounds awesome. Actually, better than awesome. Better than just prime.

Usually used by nerds. Or people that say 'naice'

Pronounce it by dragging out the 'a' sound
"Stephanie asked you to go to the Sadie Hawkins Dance? That's praime!"


The Urbandictionary Editors are 'praime' for recognizing how 'praime' this word is.
by SOTDgator2014 November 12, 2014

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