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The worst damn band ever. A mix between The Strokes and Leaves, 'the stroking leaves'. Horrible music and none of the members can even play instruments. TBS, Brand New, and Thursday rule, not the stroking leaves.
Yea these random people decided to make up some band called the stroking leaves, but noones ever heard of them.
by sob January 23, 2004
The creamy white sauce that is produced by a man; sperm.
MotherMaryJane loves the manchowder!
by SOB April 11, 2003
Used by either sex to trick the other party, (usually in a bar)into purchasing you a drink, or perhaps used to elicit some kind of sexual favor later on in the evening.
"How's it going? It's my Birthday tonight!! Oh you wanna buy me a shot?!"
by SOB December 09, 2004
kamia the headbutt bitch
kamia almost headbutted me to death today!
by sob January 02, 2005

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