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17 definitions by SMSchoirboy

An aromatic gum, like myrrh, that is exuded from a tree. The spelling above is not a typo, it is like one of the only words that sounds like it starts with a "D" but actually starts with a "B".
Kindergarten teacher: Billy, can you give me a word that starts with the letter "B"?

Billy: Bdellium.

Teacher: No Billy that starts with a "D"

Billy: No, dumb-ass the "B" is silent.
by SMSchoirboy October 23, 2011
An insult kamikaze is the term applied to the action of insulting someone at your expense, so you insult both yourself and the other person.
Miguel: Suck dick Nico.

Lane: Nico does know how to suck some dick.

Nico: You would know.

Lane: Are you insulting me or yourself?

Nico: I don't know, both of us I guess.

Lane: So it's like an insult kamikaze.

Nico: I like that, I have to add that to the Urban Dictionary
by SMSchoirboy October 31, 2011
The Home of the Raiders. I'm not saying we're the best, but if you look up the definitions of the other Shawnee Mission schools,Shawnee Mission East,Shawnee Mission West,Shawnee Mission North, and Shawnee Mission Northwest, you'll see they bag on every other school except South. The golden years of South sports have passed with the exception of a kick-ass cross country team. South doesn't necessarily fit in typical school stereotypes, we draw off the best, and sadly, the worst aspects of each school in the district. Yes we have our druggies, (North) our alcholic rich ass holes, (East) our racial minorities, (West) our sluts, our jocks, our gays, and our man-whores. But believe it or not the majority of our student body are good people who respect their teachers, school, and pears. Add to this an undying sense of school loyalty and a fierce rivalry with Shawnee Mission East and you get the genious, creative, athletic, determined school that is Shawnee Mission South.
Shawnee Mission South, a great school to go to, simple as that.
by SMSchoirboy October 21, 2011
A person in a first person shooter who jumps in order to gain an advantage over an enemy. This maneuver may be executed while turning a corner to surprise their foe around said corner, or in open conflict. When killed by a jumper nazi, one feels the need to rant about their death, insulting the enemy, and try to convince themselves that they would have killed that bastard had they not jumped.
SMSchoirboy: Damn it, that jump nazi just got me... damn n00b.

TSwift_is_a_babe: I'm such a n00b.
by SMSchoirboy December 30, 2011
The best thing to cross the Mexican American border. Mexican Starbursts are a Mexican candy similar to starbursts known as Now-and-Laters because when you start eating one they are hard now and soft later. A Now-and-Later is longer than a starburst, but it is also thinner than a starburst. Printed on every Now-and-Later wrapper are the words "Product of Mexico" These words are proudly printed because it is the only thing Mexico can take pride in.
Dude 1: What's Lane eating?

Dude 2: A Mexican Starburst.

Dude 1: A what?

Dude 2: They're like starbursts, except they're made in Mexico. They taste pretty good.
by SMSchoirboy October 30, 2011
A disease contracted when someone takes your glasses and puts them on without permission. Kills twice as many people annually than Dubstep Overload.
Annoying girl: Nico can I put your glasses on?

Nico: Sorry, I kind of need them to, you know, see.

Annoying girl takes glasses anyway: K, thanks

Nico (sarcastically): Uh-Oh, lets really hope you don't get my Eye AIDS.

Annoying girl: Eye AIDS?

Nico: Yeah, it's a disease that's transfered by sharing glasses with another person.

Annoying girl who is also easily tricked: You can have these back.
by SMSchoirboy January 27, 2012
When, upon reaching the maximum dupstep retention levels, one's head explodes due to the intensity of the dubstep that the individual is listening to at the time of D.O-ing. Dubstep Overload kills approximately six times as many people annually than sharks AND falling pianos combined.
Lane: Dude, did you hear? Skylar was crushed by a falling piano!

Nico: What are the chances, here, listen to my dubstep, it'll calm you down.

Lane: Dubstep is anything but calming but alright.

Lane's head explodes

Nico: Great, Skylars killed by a falling piano and Lane suffers from Dubstep Overload, what next?

Nico is eaten by a flying, air-breathing shark
by SMSchoirboy January 27, 2012