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A midrange motorcycle made by Honda.
Also called REVERE in earlier models, later only ntv, today DEAUVILLE.
Has a sister called Hawk or Bros, only optical difference is the chain instead of the kardan.
Has enough power (57HP) to create a big grin on the face of the driver, while chasing BigBikes.
Ideal for cruising, too. Comfy, easy to drive, nice sound from the 647cc V2 and good fuelefficency (~5l/100km / ~48mpg)
I call it the "Eierlegende Wollmilchsau"

By the way: You can measure the power at the exhaust. The shorter, the better!
NTV 650
#ntv #ente #nt #hawk #bros #revere #honda #647 #eierlegende wollmilchsau
by SM-eNTe May 08, 2007
A motorbike made by Benelli.
Stands for: "Tornado Naked Tre"

Goes like a TORNADO (damage only to: tyres, ears, necks of spectators when turning too fast)
Is a NAKED Bike
Has ThReE cylinders
TNT 1130
TNT Sport
TNT Café Racer
TNT Titanium
#benelli #motorbike #nakedbike #bike #tnt #goes #like #stink
by SM-Ente May 08, 2007
stands in German for
"Bring mich Werkstatt"

"Get me to the repair shop"

Partly bad electronics
Son of a BMW-Owner: "Why is so much room in the garage, when you're here?"
BMW-Owner: "Hmph!"
Wife of a BMW-Owner: "Now, what BMW stands for? Bring mich Werkstatt!"
#bmw #family #unreliability #breakdown #harming joy
by SM-Ente May 08, 2007
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