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A young, tall and amazing striker with a big nose that will be better than Andriy Schevchenko in a couple of years.
I don't know what Juventus would do without Zlatan Ibrahimovic
by sm January 02, 2005
The perfect pair of round, perky tits.
Damn, look at them titty balls!
by SM January 30, 2005
not quite animal, not quite mineral and certainly not quite vegetable. Omneo is a formidable character who resides at www.omneo.tk or www.omneo.says.it
by sm April 08, 2003
Localised - Dublin, Ireland.

A Dirt Bird can also be someone who'll do anything to finish something, low morals. A person that'll stoop to anything, basically.
You're a fucking Dirt Bird.
He's a Dirt Bird.
Yer ma's a Dirt Bird.

(simple exclamation from a crowd to a single target) Dirt Bird!
by SM January 28, 2005
Written with a silent N, it describes a situation when the games up the pole, something has gone wrong and cant be fixed.
"Cara said no"
"Well thats Paul nhoored"
by SM June 11, 2004
A person or something that is so great that you extremely desire or admire.
Yo, that chick last night was hollerable.
by SM August 15, 2004
A great website for writers and artists to display their work on the internet for free! Run by Omneo
I found this great poem on Selfless Mind
by SM December 08, 2004
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