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The proud native peoples of alaska, Eskimo, Athabascan, tlinkigt(sp?)Inuit and Aleut. Many live in villages and live a subsistence (grocery store is the woods) lifestlye with proud elders and oral tradition. Many live in towns populated with whites/ living a not so proud existence, alcoholism is rampant, the young males of this species are prone to actin like they all hard and shit, dressing like negroes and acting as such. The females are extremley easy and quite unfortunate inn appearance.(Big assed torsos flat assand skinny legs Whilst quite knowlegeable in outdoor persuits, the lack the skills to achive any noticeable quality of life in white society therefore most are in jail. Most culture and history is being lost on the new generation due to tv and internet and video games. If your a white man dont bring yo ass to the villages; you are sure to get your shit tossed, unless you have came to sell your $11 dollar bottle of Rich & Rare canadian whiskey (r&r as its better known)for $80 so said natives can better facilitate domestic violence. also called natives, na-tuff
tourist: honey look at the native coming down the street, i wonder if he can tell us anything about this place
Alaska native to rich white tourists: hey, you got cigarrette?
tourist:no we dont smoke
Alaska native:..........you got ciggarette?
(white people get jumped for not giving a ciggarette to drunken native)
by SKI-MO January 27, 2012
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