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Simple: Rest and relaxation
Maggie: Ahh! Just got back from the weekend spa. Got some much needed r&r.
Mary: *under breath* Bitch
by pseudonym March 22, 2005
rest and relaxation
Dude, I went out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I'm wiped out! I'm all about R & R today!!
by lhahle January 25, 2009
Read & Run - Something a person on a dating site would do.
- Girl likes boy's profile
- Boy sends "hey ..."
- Girl reads..

And then a conversation might look like:
- "She just R&R"
- "What a slut"
by Torxed July 08, 2014
R&R= Ritalin and Redbull
Often consumed by college students cramming for finals or finishing projects.
Instead of vitalizing the mind it vitalizes the soul.

Hours seem like minutes.

Entire pages can be read and written as if they were simple sentences.
Not to be confused with Rest and Relaxation
Steve-Hey man wanna go sip beer by the pool this weekend

Tom-Naw man I gotta go do some R&R

Steve- That's what we are gonna do

Tom- Naw man this shit's for Bio Engineering Finals
by ShagwaterHogbottum September 06, 2013
Read and Review.
Request the fanfic writers ask to their readers as the only payment they´ll ever get for their stories
This story contains spoilers of OOTP, please R&R if you want me to write more chapters.
by Lara October 17, 2003
Canadian Whiskey purchased in liquor stores.. tastes like shit but gives you a niice feeling when intending to get drunk.
Yo, let's drink some R&R tonight and live.
by t February 19, 2005
rest and rub one out
I am going to stay in tonight for a little r&r.
by chops1422 July 10, 2010