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The biggest faggot in the history of Albury/wodonga, Typical west albury scum that likes boxing on with mexicans
oh hes a karlyboii
by sikunt August 17, 2014
When someone says something really dumb.. reply dot dot dot (saying it really fast) to make them sound like they are stupid. You may also include outrageous hand movements such as waving your hands around to increase the effect.
Anonymous: Hey guys I bought a Holden Caprice.

Jimbo: YAWWW!! Dot Dot Dot (waving hands arounds)
by SIKUNT May 19, 2005
A shit piece of mechanical engineering. It causes in engine to drop torque at high rev ranges, and is bad for fuel economy.

It also causes plenty of friction in the engine making it inefficient.

Anyone saying that its good becoz it still beats ricers is dumb.... becoz these people have 8.0 litre cars that guzzling the living crap outta petrol
see v8 and look for post by SIKUNT.
anonymous: i just got a new 10.8 litre Holden pushrod... makes 350 kw. Yeh thats a beaudy!!
Jimbo: YAWWW!! thats not good... pushrods r crappy rods that are no good and are primitive forms of technology.
anonymous: nah but listen to the sound of my car and the interior of my car.
Jimbo: INTERIOR?? thats got nothing to do with the pushrods.
anonymous: VRRROOMMMM!!! BANG!!! ooops my pushrods fell off.
by SIKUNT May 19, 2005
An engine type capable of producing plenty of power and torque.
Though doesnt mind having a guzzle of petrol. The V8's of our world have used petrol too fast and have landed us in an oil crisis. Producing 40kw/L is not exactly a good engine. These big v8 cars infact tend to be mechanically challenged vehicles, It is wrong these days to see how a V8 instantly makes a car great. The Dodge Chargers and Ford Mustangs of the past with their inefficient carburettors have consumed all our fuel. These American Muscle cars are typical of dumb people who have no idea about a good car, and are just obsessed with power and sound without weighing up the consequences of other aspects such as traction and weight. The V8 is a dying breed and i am happy, cherish them while you can you stupid people who think a big engine makes a good car, because they will one day be gone.
A 1.5 Litre 4 cylinder car was driving interstate along a freeway, while a 6 litre v8 roars past. 5 minutes later the 1.5 litre car passes a petrol station and the driver sees the v8 driver re-fuelling. The 1.5 L driver laughs. You v8's can go fast until your petrol runs out, or until your primitive suspension systems or lack of grip cause you to spin out.
by SIKUNT May 15, 2005

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