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20 definitions by SIERRA

Someone that nobody would like to look at.
You are a ugly ass bitch!
by Sierra March 18, 2005
153 117
A word most old people from the south or somewhere else use to say over there or far away mostly used by my grandma and grandpa
Grandma:Now didnt you see that rabbit down yonder pa?
Grandpa:Sure did
by Sierra December 01, 2004
16 3
a combonation of chilling and relaxing
we were just chillaxen last night at sierra's house
by sierra May 15, 2003
28 17
A girl who is preppy and snotty and who goes out with the jocks...but not all of them...just MOST of 95% out of %100
person#1:Dude..cheerleaders are preps..
person#2:Not all of them....kristin and Candace arent just all the others :-)
by Sierra December 01, 2004
166 157
meaning What's up? or What's new?
Two friends talking
Friend 1: Yo, Whats good yo?
Friend 2: Yo, just chillin.
by sierra September 30, 2003
25 16
An attractive red head
I like cutie pyros.
by Sierra August 22, 2003
7 2
someone who can't say two words without talking shit. They go out of their way to be a raging bitch. In a group of friends, "she" would be known as the "bitchy one". Constantly putting others down for entertainment purposes or to make "herself" look better.
"Damn, she's a bitch on purpose for talking all that shit for not reason!"
by Sierra February 23, 2005
5 1