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A gray person is someone who is very uneducated,low class,whose vocabulary consists of the the F word, and who dropped out of high school with one goal in mind (i.e. to work at an assembly line for the automotive industry). For those who don't know, Southeast Michigan is full of gray people. People who thought it was their birthright to have a factory job. Gray people in general are very ignorant people who are over aggressive and want to pick fights with people that they perceive to be different. These people have very narrow minds and typically cannot think outside the box. They dress similiar and also act the same way. Grey people are very much groupies and very uneducated.
by Sarah34 January 17, 2010
white people from new york who all dress and look the same.
White people who blend together.
the gray people ride in cars with red and blue lights started chaseing the black and puerto ricans away from the gray people area.
by sierra June 17, 2006
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