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The eventual wearing away of the hair on the lower portion of the legs due to daily, or near daily, wearing of tall socks, making these areas appear bald.
Dude, what's the deal with your legs? That's the weirdest case of balding I've ever seen.

No Man, I just have socktrolysis.
by SHawkins August 02, 2011
Phenomenon of the Internet and Social Networking. A request to be "friends" from people you don't know sent without an introductory message. Request is based on your profile picture alone or a combination of your profile picture and because you've left a witty comment on someone's status. Male photographers who have a female models image as their profile photo typically receive a lot of blind requests from sex-starved losers, thinking they are female.

The blind request is often sent by rude morons who suffer from poor grammar and spelling. The blind request is the equivalent of walking up to someone in a bar and asking for sex without buying a drink first. The blind request should be a warning that the person usually exhibits stalker-like qualities.
Female #1: Ugh, ever since I put up that new profile picture, I've been inundated with Blind Requests. I've just been ignoring them.

Female #2: Yeah, watch out for John Doe, he's a total stalker and will send you one for sure.
by SHawkins December 27, 2011

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