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Your a Sonidow :P
by Shade July 29, 2003
The country I have lived in all of my life, and it kix ass! and i know the US does too, as doesw the UK and all of Eurpoe, even France, well maybe not France , hey at least the chicks there sunbathe topless. ut here we have free health care, and a very friendly community throughout in general. our counry is great for not having nearly as many gun related deaths as the US (that gives the us a bad image, but it isnt that bad, it isnt too different Canadiens are close to the same as americans, and not all of us hate the US) BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE WAS A GREAT MOVIE!!!!!! ROCKON!!!

and another thing, live here for a year if u are not canadian and i guarantee that u will wanna stay longer, and there are better places to snowboard here too!!!!

Hocky: was invented by BRITISH soldiers stationed in Canada

im a british canadian

for you others talking aboot water(some water now contains estrogen chemicals that reduce male sperm-counts:( )
if you dont live here, you arnt alive
by SHADE January 09, 2004
A group of freinds; gang; who go around with you and beat other people up and hang out
ima hang with my posse and beat on some gnagstas
by Shade November 04, 2003
Stuper...noun...(sometimes adj.) 1)He or she that is a stupid fucking person that knows absolutly ZERO!.....
2)Describing a thing that is COMPLETELY IDIOTIC and has no sence to it!

you are sooo stuper!,......... dumbass!
by Shade November 04, 2003
an, sellout main sream hip pop artist who converts white suburban kid into wiggers
lil' john, 50 cent, eminem, vanilla ice,
"lets bounce our honda civics with plastic stuff attached to it, to some jay-z Biach"
by shade November 27, 2004

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