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Throwin bows is all about when your at the clubs and its sick ass crowded in ther, so you gotta hit people with your elbows to make space to dance.
"We hit up that new club last night...it was fucking rammed, I was throwin' bows the hole night!"
by SEGZY February 29, 2004
A large posse or group of wreckless metrosexuals or jocks. Caisoons are generally found in college pubs and bars looking to prove their maculinity by consuming copius amounts of liquor and narcotics. Caisoons are prone to losing in fist fights and will almost always plot a fruitless revenge at the local fast food establishment afterwards.
"It was one of those guys in that caisoon over there that spilled his drink on me last time. Thats why he has that black eye"
by Segzy June 30, 2006
To be kicked out of your host's apartment, bedroom, house etc... after spending the night. Derived from Quagmire-the lovable woman hungry character in Family Guy.
I had Sarah over for a "fun night" last night, then I QUAGED her in the morning because I had to go to work.
by Segzy June 27, 2005

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