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1) To ask painfully awkward questions meant to result in self advancement or satisfaction.

2) To engage in an act so horribly unintelligible that a rock would have used more commen sense, then, upon recognizing one's own decisions as mindless and absolutely retarded, attempting to play off the situation like one meant to act in that manner. (See example 2).
1) "Hey guys...is that Yummy House?...ahhh it's KFC?...AHHH...mind if I try a bite?...No?...AHHHHHHH...come on man, just a little taste!..."

2) *Scenerio: Three people in a room watching TV*

Yakward Individual (YI): "Oh no! I've spilled an entire Big-Gulp of Coke all over your rug"

Others: "It's cool man, just pick it up...no problem"

YI: *scratching head/belly* "Uhh, ohh...uhh what do I do...uhhh..."

Others: "Dude, there's some paper towels right there..."

YI: "AHHH hold on..........."
*10 minutes later, YI re-enters room*
*Spraying Windex onto the Coke-soaked floor over and over*

Others: "What the hell are you doing?..."

YI: "The bottle said "All Purpose Cleaner"
..."I'm going to be a doctor."
by SCGP June 25, 2006
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