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A Bobby McFerrin Song....Written and recorded in 1988.....seven years after Marley's tragic death....anyone who thinks it's his song is retarded...
A great song....
by Sapphire March 14, 2004
To rip apart, tear or make new entrance to ones body
What Sapphire's gonna do to a certain ex member in a rage of female hormonal fury.
by Sapphire March 25, 2004
1.a person who is not good looking
2. a person who looks poor and like he/she is on drugs
3. someone who is wack
A really wack guy approaches you and you are like, "Man he's a damn J."
by sapphire November 21, 2003
an azn's way of proving he very big,
means "too rumble"
BobbyU: "Mau brantam irl gameclucks?"
Averaya E: "yse"
BobbyU: "I very azn"
by SAPPHIRE November 11, 2004
A stupid idiot .
You fewel! you did it wrong AGAIN!
by Sapphire July 25, 2003
expessive used to ask someone to leave your space
please fook off
by Sapphire March 25, 2004
I think a Valley girl is something as the Dutch Breezer girl....Girls who are interested in those things:
1. "her boyfriend" (that means sex)
2. her boyfriend
3. her boyfriend
4. make-up
5. imitating Beyonce and Kylie Minogue
6. the beach

This name sounds very cute for them :)

I aM a VaLlEy GiRl!
by Sapphire October 31, 2003
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