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3 definitions by SAN2LAX

one who perpetually attracts assholes or, in a more positive light, one who is able to easily get laid.
1. Dude, all your friends are're such an ass magnet.

2. Dude, I saw those chicks hitting on you last're such an ass magnet!
by SAN2LAX March 08, 2005
17 4
whenever anything is impacted, be it a body part, a part of a city, anything that can be pointed to or circled with a pointing finger can be identified as the effected region.
I peed my pants. I'm now wet in the effected region. (this is accompanied by a circling motion around the general area of discussion by the dominant hand with the index finger extended)
by SAN2LAX March 08, 2005
1 3
an acronym for ass or butt or booty
dude, keep your fart muffler out of my face
by SAN2LAX March 08, 2005
2 16