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1.Tablets of the popular party drug 'ecstasy'
2.Americans call it ex
that raver's trippin on eccies
by S@m November 11, 2004
1.biscuits (colloq. australian slang)
yum,anzac biccies are delicious
by S@m November 11, 2004
1.To do the 'harry holt' is to run from danger.(aust slang).
looks like he got spooked and did the harry holt, he did the bolt.
by S@m November 11, 2004
1.Synonym of eccies,ecstasy,MDMA
2.Disco biscuit(australian slang biccies)for ecstasy tablet.
1.Went to a rave an everyone was chewin on disco biccies!
by S@m November 11, 2004
1.A sly drink on the side.
2.A guilty indulgence in alcohol.
1:lads, lets go for some cheeky ales after work.
2:We downned a few cheeky ales the other night while the missus was out.
by S@m November 11, 2004
usu. a young female member of the cultural group referred to as fobs (fresh off the boat),extending the usual traits of cultural cluelessness to include copying of faux western fashion that all her little teenybopper friends are wearing, yet still speaking in a strong fob accent
man that foblet in the disco belt is so clueless!
by S@m November 11, 2004
1.Twenty-five dollars worth of THC, marijuana, or wacky weed (australian)
mate i got a two-five lets chop it n smoke it up
by S@m November 11, 2004
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