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Arctic Monkeys are a UK punk/indie/alternative band. From Sheffield, England. Songs inc. Mardy Bum, A Certain Romance, I Bet That You Look Good (on the dancefloor) etc
"Alright mate, what ya listenin' to?"
"Oh a bit'o Arctic Monkeys"
by S#0rt1 September 29, 2006
Indie/Alternative group from Brighton, England. Luke Vocals, Hugh Guitar, Max Bass And Paul Drums. Songs such as Naive, She Moves In Her Own Way, Eddie's Gun, Sofa Song etc. Album, Inside in, Inside out.
Gemma: 'I have The Kooks tickets!'
Me: 'Argh...wow...*faint*'
by S#0rt1 October 23, 2006
Lead singer/Vocals of the Brighton band,the kooks. Gorgeous curly haired boy.
Person 1: 'Luke Pritchard...who'
Person 2: 'The HOT lead singer from The Kooks with the amazing curly hair!'
by S#0rt1 October 23, 2006
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