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An old city in the valley of Maui. It has its probloems, including meth heads and a bald fat guy who walks the streets, who once killed a family (no joke).
Eh Bra, I wanna score some ice, lets check Wailuku.
by Ryan Mcshizzle May 09, 2005
The act of having another blow on your pubes while you are urinating.
Damn, that bitch took me for a drive to gooseberry falls.
by Ryan Mcshizzle May 09, 2005
To have another person blow upon your pubic hair.
A modification of this is called a gooseberry falls.
Wow, that windy trail sure hit the spot.
by Ryan Mcshizzle May 09, 2005
A shitty ass town on the northern border of Minnesota where they boast such crappy attractions like "The worlds largest hockey stick" and "The cadillac of iron mines". I once saw a 8 year old kid buying cigarretes. This place should be avoided at all costs.
1. The last kfc before hitting Canada is in Eveleth.
2. It would be more fun to lick my own ass that to visit Eveleth.
by Ryan Mcshizzle May 09, 2005

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