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A silent vibrator, it is often popular among your girls who don't wants people to know their horny and are getting stimulation from a machine.
Ooh, i wish i had my sildo now!
by Ryan Guthrie August 27, 2003
Common Insult used by Bums to insult Nick Glenn. Gesture often used while saying it is Pointing and twisting wrist
Fat Boy! Fat Boy!
by Ryan Guthrie June 10, 2003
Huge breasted Woman who could supply ethiopia with milk for a century.
Holy Crap! look at mamajugs
by Ryan Guthrie June 10, 2003
Code Name for Pornography
Er, Beefie, stop looking up Magumbo! Cooky David's looking up porn!
by Ryan Guthrie June 10, 2003
Extremely old man who is frail, drives slowly, annoys the hell out of you, complains about kids being too loud, slurs and talks about the good old days when you could get a pint of beer for a shilling!
Look at that old geezer! i wish he would die!
by Ryan Guthrie June 18, 2003
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