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(n.) A staff member at urbandictionary.com who cancels your submission before it even reaches the editors. This person is often a huge douchebag who lacks any consistency in rejections or acceptances. He will let completely lame trash pass as a definition, yet cancel a submission that breaks none of the rules and is actually useful.
Guy 1: Hey did the definition get passed, man?
Guy2: No, the urban dick cancelled it. What a submission nazi.

Guy 1: Hey, you want to go out tonight?
Guy 2: No, I have to sit at my computer and flip coins to decide which definitions I'm going to pass for the website while I masturbate.
Guy 1: Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot you were an urban dick with a really, really really small penis.
by Ryan Fitz February 27, 2006
A flash game online that is essentially an updated, 3D version of the classic 'Pong'. Many claim to reach high levels like 12 or 20, but they are lies, as the source code reveals the highest level as 10. Based on online research, I am the only one who has ever reached level 10. But I have only done so once, and it is impossible indeed.
1. I am the best Curveball player in the world! I got to Level 10!
2. Dude, I was playing Curveball the other day and level 9 was bringin' the heat tenfold!
by Ryan Fitz April 23, 2006
(n.) The best actor of our generation, Philip Seymour Hoffman. He averages about 4.7 movies a year, and he used to be a "That Guy" until his Oscar-winning performance in "Capote."
Example 1: Philly Chee Hoff was incredible in "Boogie Nights." He totally had me believing he would S Wahlberg's D!

Example 2: If I could have sex with any celebrity, it would definitely be Elisha Cuthbert. But if she were unavailable, I wouldn't hesitate to make love to Philly Chee Hoff.
by Ryan Fitz April 23, 2006
(n.) The proper nomenclature in reference to Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the greatest actor of our generation.
"Philly Chee Hoff was unforgettable in 'Boogie Nights'. He totally had me believing he would S Wahlberg's D."

"Philly Chee Hoff, the only man I'd have sex with."
by Ryan Fitz February 18, 2006
1. (n.) Another name for the flash game 'Curveball'.
2. (v.) To play 'Curveball'.
1. Dude, I got to level 10 on Bring the Heat! He was literally bringin' the heat tenfold!
2. I was bringin' the heat the other day while my roommates were S'in each others D's! Gross!
by Ryan Fitz April 23, 2006

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