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Any form of cheap and/or plastic jewelry; refashioned or re-appropriated items worn as jewelry or accessories.
Yo, check the gummy bracelets on that indie girl's wrist. She's rockin' mad hobo bling.
by Ryan Alexander Diduck January 01, 2008
verb. To correct improper grammar, pronunciation and/or punctuation. A reference to William Safire, lexicologist for the New York Times Magazine.
Herb: How is term paper-grading coming along in your class this semester?
Craig: Dude, I had to Safire so many semicolons, it was atrocious.

Janet: And I was all: "Are you for real?" And he was like: "Totally."
Crissy: Don't you mean; "I asked: 'are you for real?', and he replied: 'totally'"?
Janet: Actually, it is functionally correct to use "all" and "like" in the quotative, especially when engaged in colloquial conversation.
Crissy: Well I'll be Safired.
by Ryan Alexander Diduck January 01, 2008
death and taxes
Son, the only thing that's sure in this life is daxes.
by Ryan Alexander Diduck January 03, 2009
to do research online, often used among University research assistants.
Guy: Hey Buddy, are we going out tonight?
Buddy: Naw Guy, I've got some major resurfing to do.
by Ryan Alexander Diduck September 06, 2008
Canadian for "out."
Bob:(digging in the cooler) "Hey Doug, we're oot of beer, eh?"
Doug: "Well, one of us is going to have to go oot an get more."
by Ryan Alexander Diduck November 08, 2008

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