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An adjective/interjection used to describe the absolute amazing-ness of a barbecue.
Joe: ZOMGWTFBBQWINGSPWNAGE that B-bq was off the hook!!
Bob: Gee thanks joe, I appreciate your kind words.
by Ryan ... June 13, 2007
1. Word used by people of the caucasian decent in an attempt to be black.

2. A person who is a "mess"

3. The Eastern side of Alabama.
1. White guy: Yo, dogg i wuz fo shiz in da jaint and dat wigga was a bama.
Black guy: word

2. African Republican:DUDE HILLARY CLINTON IS A BAMA!!!African: word up dog.

3. Yeah, I went to Bama the other day to see my aunt.
by Ryan ... June 13, 2007

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