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A word that encompasses everything. In it's origin, jaint was used to define a noun, specifically a place (ie - Yo what be crackin up in this jaint?), but has widened it's scope to now include any word in the dictionary. It has become broader than the word fuck, in that not only is it acceptable to use it to replace random words in a sentence, but now it is acceptable to use jaint to replace ALL the words in a sentence.
Jim - "Damn dog! Did you see that jaint? I just jainted the jaint in that jaint!"

Willy - "Jaint jaint jaint, jaint jaint!!!"
by Bryan the Hood Rat May 12, 2008
1. can mean anything or anyplace imaginable. It's a word to jazz up, or sweeten anything or anyplace. It may be used more than once in a sentance with different meanings to show versitility and economy of ones vocabulary.
Origin, joint

What's the deal with all the hostility in this jaint?

Bill: Wear THAT jaint up in that jaint. I betcha get a reaction.

You're gonna need a jaint for that.
by Duke Impellizeri March 27, 2008
(noun) A Joint or a Blunt
(verb) To smoke pot
I saw Dwayne Jainting in the school bathroom the other day.
by Berga319 January 29, 2009
A jaint is someone who is really attractive, fine, cute, or sexy. It's a nickname girls and guys use to holler at you.
Damn, he's a fine ass jaint

He a jaint, hit me up
by nastynabby March 05, 2014
Used as a noun or a verb. Used to point out something stupid (noun/adjective) or to say that you're acting stupid (verb).
Sense 1: Stop being jaint!

Sense 2: You jainted in class yesterday.
by sichris January 20, 2011
A penis.
I put my jaint in her mouth.
by brianb March 12, 2004

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