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672 definitions by Ryan

"KRUNK PUNCH" A (secret)special Blend of mixed alcohol, Along with certian natural citrus additives. Most notably for getting one drunk very quick without realizing it untill it hits you.
oh jeez, i drank too much krunk pun---Blahhhh..........huuh blahhhh... blah. - spit. blah
by ryan March 06, 2003
Its the mist, spray, or splatter that splashes from the toilet water when you are peeing. The greater the force of your pee the more snickel you get.
My girlfriend pees so hard it snickels all over here butt.
by Ryan April 30, 2004
a sweaty ass, usually found on a fat person.
wow that chick gets a swass from walking up the stairs!
by ryan March 09, 2005
wreastling feak
he is such a kiffer
by ryan November 26, 2002
spanish slang word meaning "damn" used when something funny happens.
if someone were to get slapped or tripped or hit by another person you can say "DOMA!"
by Ryan April 19, 2005
a way to play soccer, the hottest way possible. involves a bunch of flashy moves. note: sala soccer is only sala if the sala player is actually good.
DAMN! that mexican dude can work sala like no one ive ever seen!
by ryan November 12, 2003
Serenity, too, because she's actually a 44 year old woman with an obsession over Ryan's hair.
Serenity, stop being such a pedoperv!
by Ryan January 03, 2005