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1. (noun) the sound made by the imaginary "bink" cap, which is similar to a dunce cap. The bink cap (were it real) would be put on the head of someone after they commit a total buzzkill.

2. (noun) buzzkill

3. (verb) to harsh someone's buzz
Person A: yeah... do you remember that time we got high with lisa and...? (sentimental story follows)

Person B: that was an awesome night... do you remember her brother, tony?

Person A: oh, yeah. he was so much fun! how is that guy? i loved him!

Person B: he got a brain tumor and died a few months ago. it's good he finally passed, he was in so much pain.

Person A: bink, mothafucka!
by Ruth March 13, 2005
to have sex, get it on, fuck, etc.
After several drinks, Dick and Jane went in the back of the shaggin' wagon to bun.
by Ruth January 10, 2005
A nasty stretch in a yoga class. I just wanted to say: "In my yoga classes in 2005 I will endeavour to introduce it amongst the Sanskrit and weird things I teach people."
"Oooh! That Upavista Konasana is a bit borange, isn't it! Keep breathing..."
by Ruth January 06, 2005
stupid abbreviations which sound like they've got nothing to do with the word. the most annoying is the sort spoken by teenage, black chavs. speak so fast you can't understand a word (you're probably not supposed to) and they might as well be MCing.
babe, you betta hav me sum booty on ya or u ain't cummin' 2 town wit me.

translation= sweet girlfriend, you had better have brought some money with you, otherwise you can't come to town with me.
by Ruth March 04, 2005
the opening to a womens vagina, a pussy
a womens vagina
by ruth January 19, 2004
An italian tough guy.
My gumba can kick your sorry ass.
by Ruth November 23, 2004
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