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A two word phrase in which the words ironically contradict each other.
Forced democracy
military intelligence
healthy tan
free trade
black gold
peacemaker missile
peace officer
just war
amicable divorce
by Ruth April 14, 2003
A lovely long blonde haired gullible idiot. She also tends to go a bit OTT and exagerate what she's feeling. Loveable all the same
Also worries about not getting a moterbike while drunk. Cannot catch rasberry archers in her mouth.
Is not a hippy
"Bethans so silly" *slaps*
"Awww i love bethan"
"Bethan it's quiet time"
by ruth September 19, 2003
the opposite of mainstream. usually not the 'trend' and usually not what everybody else is doing. original and individual. can usually be identified as something original and/or something that will probably never become popular, but awesome nevertheless.
mainstream : conformists :: non-mainstream : individuals.

SOMETIMES alternative/emo/indie music. other music, such as pop punk, can be mistaken as non-mainstream.
by ruth February 14, 2005
A word meaning all around cool. Usually used with the word uber.
Uber shwah can mean:
very cool
wicked cool
all good and such
and in some cases, hi.
1) "Dude, that concert was uber shwah!"
2) "We're going to Hawai'i? Shwah!"
3) "Hey, I havn't seen you in the longest time!
by Ruth February 23, 2005
Homer Simpson saying Tuba. Also, Saxomophone. But I am not defining that too.
"Tubamaba?" - Homer J Simpson
by Ruth March 31, 2004
cool. see nang.wicked heavy ect.

probably more ugly, stupid black chav's slang.
See that kickflip JC? Sick innit?
by Ruth March 04, 2005
One day, Emma or Charlotte mispelt the word report as repot.
Repot is now the most offensive swear word in the history of humankind.
To use the word without sound you raise your little finger.
"You probably don't know what this means but I am swearing at YOU!"
by Ruth April 21, 2004
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